Getting Credit Cards With This Score

When I had really bad credit, it was a nightmare. Want to know the worst part? I couldn’t qualify for credit cards so it was almost impossible to rebuild my credit. Fortunately, I eventually figured out how to turn that around. That said, my credit score was way under 650 and for most of you, it won’t be that difficult to get approved for a card with a score in this range.

Start at the top and if you aren’t able to get approved for the best cards on the page, move down. If you’re like I was, you should look at the secured credit cards at the bottom of the page.

Premium Credit Cards

With 650 credit, as long as you don’t have a bankruptcy or other serious delinquency on your credit report, you should be able to qualify for most premium credit cards. These include the Discover® More® Card, the Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card, the Chase Freedom Visa.

However approval isn’t guaranteed with these credit cards, for people with 650 credit scores. It just depends on what delinquencies you have on your credit. If you’re worried about getting approved, you might want to consider getting a card from the next section.

Really Good Cards

If you can’t get approved (or don’t think you can get approved) for one of the premium credit cards, I’d recommend going for one of the cards that’s specifically designed for someone in your credit range. Take a look at the Capital One® Platinum Card or the Captial One® MasterCard®.

Other Unsecured Cards For Low Credit Individuals

The Visa® Platinum Card from Credit One Bank (I’ve had this card myself) is a pretty decent option if you can’t get approved for other cards. It has somewhat high annual fees, but you don’t have to put down a security deposit to get it.

Secured Credit Cards

Truth be told, these are the only credit cards for every single person who has 650 credit (and of course worse credit). Secured cards are meant to be used by people who can’t qualify for other cards. I personally had to get two secured cards to rebuild my credit.

If you’re in this boat, take a look at the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® (You can apply from this page - it’s the first one on the list). I had this card when it was the Orchard Bank Secured Visa Card, before Capital One bought out Orchard Bank. It was annoying to put down a security deposit but I had no other choice. After about six months of making on-time payments with this card, I was able to get a regular, unsecured card.

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